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Do You Know Why Property Is One Of The Critical Assets Of Most Millionaires?

You are about to learn how you can tap into this source of passive income, even with limited funds and no knowledge about investing….

Dear Future Property Millionaire,

Are you keen to learn more about how to earn passive income with property? When done properly, property investments have been proven to generate massive passive income. Interestingly, the percentage of profits acquired from property investment varies drastically among investors. What is the single factor that influences 90% of the difference? One word - knowledge.

This knowledge has been shared at many seminars… and you are about to learn all the essential information compiled conveniently for you.

Many people have benefited from the information and it is ready for you, if you are ready to tap into a massive passive income now.

If you have been searching online endlessly to learn about property investment, you probably have been swamped by these questions:

medium_purpletick How to select a property in order to earn high profits?

medium_purpletick When is the right time to invest, in boom or slump times?

medium_purpletick What are the returns for investing in different countries?

medium_purpletick What are the start-up and hidden costs involved?

medium_purpletick What are the processes to sell or rent an apartment?


Sometimes, it might feel overwhelming even before you start. Do not worry, all of these questions can be answered. Many of our previous students have achieved success in their search for passive income.


In fact, we have even helped our members achieve their financial dreams easily by providing property resources. An example would be Aquaint Property's members owning 12 Rare Victorian Style apartments in Prime London collectively.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All The Testimonials Were Unsolicited

Yang Po, I am writing to thank you for helping me achieve regular cash flow in my business. The total cash flow I have created both in my business and personally is 300% that of the income I used to receive. All these are achieved in a matter of 2 years. Since then, I also have my own family and now my family can enjoy consistent income without much work. Thanks again, for your teaching and changing our lives.

J Surendran

Chennai, India

Dear Yang Po,

Our lives have changed tremendously because of what we have learnt from you on creating cash flow. With our learning, both my wife and I managed to quit our full time job and still enjoy a steady stream of income. This income not only able to support both my wife and myself, to add to the exciting success, we also have a new addition to our family, our precious daughter, whom we do not have to worry financially. We are now able to enjoy doing things as a family in our own time and pace and not have to think about money. This is only possible because of your coaching and help. With deep appreciation, Aaron & Caroline.

Aaron & Caroline, Singapore


Dear Yang Po,

I used to own 6 properties but all at negative cash flow. Ever since i learnt from you the importance of creating assets that gives me positive cash flow, i managed to turn my negative cash flow asset to positive. I used to feel trap and frustrated because of the negative cash flow. Now i feel so free, relief and powerful.
Thanks Yang Po for changing my life in just 3 Months.

Sesilia Peranginangin, Jakarta, Indonesia


Dear Yang Po,

I attended Azeana's seminar where i learnt how to build property portfolio to retire with passive income. With just one strategy i learnt in capital refinancing, i managed to get my property refinance in just 3 months and now i potentially can invest in another property with no money down and build my property portfolio towards real financial freedom.
This is so exciting as what i thought of financial freedom that is difficult to attain is already happening.

Thanks Azea for making it happen!

Irene Chong, Singapore

With Aquaint Property Membership, we have compiled the leading property experts to answer all your inquiry and concerns. It is a fail-proof step-by-step guide where we literally guide you by hand to property success, even if you are bad with numbers or face a lack of sufficient capital. You will know the secrets and tips of how property millionaires generate profits, regardless of economy climate.

Here are some of the benefits of Aquaint Property Membership:

medium_purpletick Insider information about the hottest and top secret property deals that will help you build your passive income to achieve financial freedom


medium_purpletick Comprehensive monthly tele-seminar or mastermind meet-ups that helps you solve all your property dilemmas and concerns through firing the questions at our property experts


medium_purpletick Network with other millionaire property investors to cultivate a millionaire mindset and also tap into a lucrative pool for investment opportunities through our property forum


medium_purpletick Insights to how property experts are searching and organizing property news to profit quickly with the most important property news compiled together


medium_purpletick “Donald Trump” and “Robert Kiyosaki” property knowledge to simplify and even make property investment fail proof


medium_purpletick Special discounts for the Aquaint Property Seminars

If you are keen to leverage your capital and enjoy property returns quickly, Aquaint Property is the key to achieving your financial freedom. Stop wasting time and money from different sources when all the answers are found here. Imagine, owning 2 to 3 properties within 3 years.

And being able earn up to $10,000 monthly with minimal effort on your side. Would you like to achieve that? If the thought puts a smile on your face, register for our seminar which is free.

Trust us, we are going to start charging and the benefits are priceless. Quick register now before we start charging.